Natalie Robin

Oh, the hotness.


Natalie Robin is a reporter from the Los Angeles Times’ entertainment pages. A woman in a man’s field, Natalie must maintain her good looks to help her gain the confidence of her superiors. Although this could easily make her a jaded and backbiting woman, she is, from all accounts, an honest and genuinely pleasant young woman. She has fiery red hair, pale skin, and a body that begs to be shown off. Her eyes, however, are what set her apart. She has the most stunning greenish-yellow eyes. One can barely pull one’s gaze from them to inspect the rest of her impeccable body. Her eyes are calm and kind, with only a hint of danger behind them, which makes them all the more irresistible.
Natalie is known for her ability to get into places, and gain exclusive interviews, where no normal reporter could, let alone a female reporter. With many men making passes at her, she is generally quite guarded. However, the right guy might strike her in such a way as to make her drop her guard and open up.


Natalie Robin

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