The Vietnam War is over.

In the aftermath of the all-out war in southeast Asia, America is licking it’s wounds and burying it’s dead. The fight to stop the spread of Communism has come at a great cost, and some would argue that the West is losing.

Since the end of WW2, the world has been divided into two differing ideologies. The Communists rule the East, and the Capitalists, the West. Vietnam was an extension of the heated ideological battle between these two opposing forces. As the Vietnam War came to a close, many among the American populace believed that they had lost the war, having achieved no clear objective. But the government doesn’t reveal everything to the masses.

For years, the CIA has been engaged in clandestine operations around the world. Whether it be to help stem the rising Communist threat, remove the leaders of hostile regimes, or to gather information about would be dangers to the safety of the US, the CIA has ways of keeping an eye, and at times a fist, over the globe. Within the CIA, there is an elite organization of agents whose job it is to do the dirtiest, and most dangerous of work. This group is called Spearhead.

Composed of a wide variety of civilian and military personnel, Spearhead is a congregation of the best, brightest, and most daring of not only the US, but of the entire Western world. Some defectors from the USSR, Vietnam, and even China are integral parts of this elite community. Consisting of agents specializing in such things as deception, stealth, weapons and tactics, explosives, medicine and poisons, the new “space-age” technology known as Sci-Tech, and even illusion, the members of Spearhead regularly perform assassinations, extractions, daring rescues of political prisoners, and sometimes aid in the occasional coup. From famous personalities to war heroes, from leaders in medicine to inventors of new weaponry, these agents are fighting darkness across the globe.

But there is something darker at work. There are some, in this increasingly skeptical world, who still believe there is more to learn about human history on Earth. Some who believe in a strength that can be found within mankind’s very being, and harnessed to give unimaginable power. Legends tell of ancient races, long extinct, who had the capabilities of what we would now consider to be Magic. There is a belief that these races have passed into memory only in the annals of history, but their bloodlines remain hidden in our own. Some of these remnants have discovered the ability to harness, albeit in small amounts, this power. Some work for the enemy, and some are employed by Spearhead. These are valued members of Spearhead, and are sought out as new recruits constantly by both sides. They are referred to as Kals, taking the name of a famous super-human comic book character. A Kal is born a Kal, but can be made to wield their Genetic Telekinesis as a weapon.

Spearhead is the group wherein we find our adventurers. They are a group of agents with unique abilities. Some may be extraordinarily gifted humans, and some may be Kals. Some may even be Kals and not know it yet. That is yet to be seen. What is known is that the World is locked in a covert war, and Spearhead makes its home behind enemy lines.


Wrapped In The Flag

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